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Entered since31. Jan 2023
Reviewed01. Feb 2023
Vanilla Playground - No Hacks Anarchy

We Have Two Goals:
  • Keep gameplay as vanilla as possible.
  • Be a place for everyone to have fun.
IP addresses:  PLAY.MCVPG.ORG
Discord:  (more info)

Version: 1.19.x, Host Location: Germany, World Size : 16x16 Million Blocks
Server has started on 24th of November, 2021 (Year and a month ago) and has world size of 400GB and has rich history and playerbase.
We don't have any gameplay altering plugins such as tpa, warps, shops or economy.
VPG is Minecraft the way it was meant to be played: Basic Vanilla with friends.
The journey is up to you! Everything goes: classic MC experience.
Play the game as it was intended with your friends only on VPG! We aim to provide quality, secure and comfortable gameplay for everyone.

You just discovered Vanilla Playground, a server with no limits, hence no unnecessary rules, so why don't you try it on your own?

VPG is a unique and exciting server for Minecraft players who are looking for a pure, unmodified experience. With no rules or regulations, players are free to do whatever they want. They can build, explore, and battle with no limitations. VPG offers a classic, raw Minecraft experience.
Players on a Vanilla Anarchy server have full freedom to build, destroy, fight, and explore as they please. There are no claims or protection plugins, so players must rely on their own skills and strategies to protect their builds and resources. This makes for an intense and exciting experience, as players must constantly be on the lookout for other players who may try to take their stuff.
Players are also free to join forces and create their own towns and nations. These towns and nations can be built up from scratch, or they can be taken over from other players. This creates a dynamic social environment, as players must constantly be aware of other players' intentions and alliances.
The server is online 24/7, giving players an uninterrupted experience. There are no claims or protections, so players must use their wits and skills to protect their creations. This makes for a more intense and competitive experience.
  • Premium-ServerClient Mods nicht nötig
  • Mobspawn anSurvival
  • VanillaVanilla
  • FreebuildEvents
  • GildenPvP
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